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A 1978-model Norwegian artist, Kristin is juggling a number of roles both within the art field and the local community as an entrepreneur.


As an artist Kristin loves to play with different medias and works both digitally and traditonally, often with the play of light and portraits as her chosen subjects - but will also dive into other subjects without hesitation. Having an interest for concept art early on, she has drawn a lot of different things, but has a leaning towards fantasy and sci-fi.


After having art, drawing and painting as a hobby for a number of years, she finally took the step out of her comfort zone after a burn-out in her earlier chosen profession. She has since had her art in several exhibitions, juried and not juried, digital and traditional - as well as doing book covers, illustrations, murals, graphic facilitation and other visual representations.


She is also using her art and design in her company, Edgewalker, that she runs with her husband, where they reuse material like wood and fabric to make furniture, toys, insect hotels and other design items. With their firm they also help running markets, host social art events, do art performance entertainment for kids, do translation and text editing. In addition to this Kristin is also in several grass root movements to lift her local town/area and is in a group that has started a brand new bottom-up entrepreneur fellowship locally.


Together with her husband and daughter she can often be seen gallivanting around the countryside, enjoying the stunning nature that surrounds them in Larvik, Vestfold. They're easily recognisable by her taking photos of everything that might be a good reference at some point in the unknown future and their jabbering in Norwenglish - caused by a bilingual household as her husband is from US.


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